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The Only Star of Miami Beaches

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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Chaos Corona 9, Adobe Photoshop
After surfing in the cool waters of the hot Miami beaches on a beautiful sunny day, the Porsche 356 model will guide us to relieve the tiredness of the day. An awesome thing.
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  1. This is a beautiful, clean render that speaks to a nostalgia that I never even knew I had. The feel of Miami Vice somehow leaks from this render and I have a hard time telling you why. It could be the beautifully rendered vintage car, the colors or the retro-modern style of house but this shot feels like it could have come from a remake of that show.

    The material definitions in this piece are absolutely gold, some of the best I have seen in this competition. The pavement especially is very well done, its normals pop at just the right level and while I think the Ambient Occlusion might be a bit too high (though that could be a different effect entirely, the pits and divets in it are a smidge TOO strong afaik) it still feels very right for the lighting and setting.

    This is another piece that is just as busy as it needs to be, there are plenty of places for a bit of rest while the composition, especially utilizing the green door and offsetting the car just barely feels natural and it gives a cool “Drawn into a corridor” effect. You are being invited into this house, you are welcomed and what that means is up to you but it IS fun.

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