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  • Tools: Blender, Substance Painter, GIMP

Hi there! This is my own work for the Challenge. This is a really existing armored car called 'Falcatus' and based on the chassis of the KAMAZ-4911 'rally' car.

This work was inspired by the unique and futuristic design of Falcatus and the films of my childhood like Dredd (1995), Robocop (1987) etc.

I wanted to create an environment, which could tell you, 'Hey there, this is a bad place, it's not safe here'. These are the conditions in which police often work. Hope that I have created this kind of atmosphere in my work.

By the way, the tunnel that I have reproduced is situated near the Kurskaya metro station in Moscow.

This is my first complex work in Blender and the main purpose was to improve my skills in it. And I must tell you, guys, that I am much impressed by Blender's capabilities today.

Modelling -Blender, texturing - Substance Painter and Gimp, rendering - Cycles, post production - Blender

Hope you like it and good luck to you all!

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