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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Maxwell Render, Substance Painter, Photoshop

I am a car enthusiast and 3D hobbyist from New Zealand wanting to get into freelance visualisation work. This Volkswagen Golf R32 has been my personal car for the past year, until I sold it last week. Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of modelling it down to the last detail using blueprints, photographs and a tape measure.

I had dreamed of installing a turbo kit to bring it up to 600bhp, then taking it on the track to play around with supercars. In this image I present that dream - performing the final checks in the pits before pulling out onto the straight and accelerating to the first turn. The pit lane setting was inspired by reference images of the Circuit of the Americas race track.

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  1. Very well done !

  2. Thanks Justin :)

  3. Very well done,looks amazing.

  4. Nice entry

  5. Love it.

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