A team of explorers drove into an unknown territory, unaware that the owner of this land seemed unwelcoming to their arrival.
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  1. Nice job!

  2. insane work! love all the little details

  3. This feels like a D&D party that had no interest in taking the hint and I kind of love that about it. Catching a brutal and damaging act like what is happening to the truck here “In Media Res”, so to speak is a pretty difficult thing. It is relatively “easy” to show the before and the aftermath but catching that moment in time in a way that feels very realistic to the situation takes an eye that is places this artist head and shoulders above many of their peers.

    Details as simple as the cloud of lifted dirt below the truck, a root/tendril lashing out and stabbing different parts as though reacting by reflex to the movement. Things like the frame being twisted in the proper direction considering how that root/tendril is torqueing it is not only counter-intuitive but adds a level of realism that onlookers may not realize where it even stems, just that it looks “Right”.

    For the future TTRPG party I put through this exact scenario, try not to drive your truck through the eldritch tree territory.

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