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  • Tools: ZBrush, 3DSMax, Octane, Substance Painter

This Troglodyte is an amphibious cave dweller and a hunter. Until now he lived his life like any other of his race in absolute darkness. But there are rumors about an entrance to a new world filled with new sounds and unfimilar odors. Someday the hunter brings new unknown prey to his home. He believes that these animals came through the portal into their world. The taste is way better than the ordinary vermicular 'Bokots' who live here in the large cavern system. Driven by curiosity the troglodyte hunter goes on a journey to find this mythical entrance. He is convinced that he can conquer this new world for his clan. To realize this ambitious plan he carries a part of his new spawn on his back with him.

In my picture I want to show the moment when the Troglodyte discovers the new world. A blind entity comes into a world of light and can feel warmth for the very first time.

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  1. hello I like the idea of new worlds maybe just by new lifeforms here on Earth

  2. Thank you!

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