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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Zbrush, Substance Designer, Corona, After Effects

The space is dangerous. It's an inhospitable and unknown place, full of terrible and unimaginable things hidden in the darkness of the cosmic void. But that's not reason for humans for not going out to explore the universe... Or maybe it is?

Someday we'll know... If they return.

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  1. This is a very powerful image. Sci-fi meets horror, and you have to imagine the poor astronaut who comes across this wreck, knowing what he’ll find inside… but still, he has to look. Just to be sure. Then he wishes he hadn’t. The story tells itself. Excellent work!

  2. Thanks David! The objective was that beyond the quality all who saw the picture thought “what the hell happened here?!” and wanted to know more about the story, even if they dislike the image… Perhaps I accomplished that!

  3. Outstanding Luis!!! Best space image I’ve seen in a long time. Is the spacecraft totally from your imagination? Kind of looks a bit Soyuz-like with a retro-feel that I find very cool. Love the grunge!

  4. Thank you, Mark! Yes, it’s a weird and dirty mix of Soyuz, Apollo, ISS, MIR, Tie Fighter and rat rod… Not very realistic, but not fantastic at all.

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