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XPLR Specialist Probe 34

  • Author:
  • Tools: 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Corona, After Effects, Photoshop
In the not so distant future; the changing climate and unquenchable utilization of the human race, has resulted in the resources of Earth becoming rapidly depleted. The remaining nations warring over the diminishing amount of habitable locations and reserves required to survive. The Earth is dying. In the hope of finding an end to the fighting, unite and to preserve what is left of humanity, the international “Robotics and Deployment Conglomerate” began a project known as “XPLR”, with the aim of finding another habitable world that the remnants of human race could colonize. Having sent out a multitude of specialised probes into deep space to analyse various worlds that maybe capable of supporting life. The organisation receives the first promising reports from “Specialist Probe 34” (SP34) as he makes a miraculous discovery...

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