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2021: First steps on Mars

  • Author:
  • Tools: Rhino 5, Keyshot 5, Carrara 8, Photoshop CS6

First human steps on Mars... but what if... an ancient shipwreck is revealed?


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  1. Very nice guy! But I have some observations to do. I think you may improve this scene with a little retouches. First I’ve been noticing that this scene have a low fog density because I’m not feeling the atmosphere, the fog. Try make this detail according to real reference images of Mars. Another detail I’ve been noticing: this scene don’t have a good sense of perspective. I don’t know the cause of this but try to look to this three characters in this scene and the soil they’re stepping. Can you feeling a small “bug”? Where is the sense of perspective? Another detail to improve the general composition: I think you have to modelling some rocks (some big, others small) and add to the soil. Try follow this tips and post one more render. Hugs!

  2. Thanks very very much, Joao. I’ll try to make this changes.

  3. You’re welcome, Ariel! Looks better now.
    Now I Just recommend modelling and addition some rocks to complete the scene composition. :)

  4. Wow! Its great story here! Really nice!

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