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  • Tools: 3ds Max, Vray-RT, Hdr light studio, Photoshop

Bugatti - legends aren't born, they are made.

Hello! I present to you the work, inspired by the legend of the automotive world - Bugatti Type 59.

The beautiful shape, proportions and charisma of this car are connected in an expressive form. The combination of materials and shapes of components gives a special charm to this auto. Looking at it, I see matchless creature, which is the power and speed embodied in metal. There is no unreasoned detail. In each picture, first of all, I wanted to create the image expressing unique aesthetics of forms, lines, light and shadow, the beauty of the creation of the human mind and purpose. Golden colors of the autumn nature, in my opinion, it is the best that can emphasize the special status of this impressive masterpiece in the history of engineering art.

Thank you for attention!

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  1. Very Clean!

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