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  • Tools: Cinena 4D, Vray, Photoshop CC

Hey! My name is Steve and this is my work. I hope you like it!

THE IDEA: I'm a fan of old Dodges around 1970, so I want do something with a car like this. But what?

Action?....Future?.....Apocalypse?.....all no. I want to create an atmosphere image, set the car in the focus and create an enviroment with an nice unagitated story. So the enviroment was found, a garage.

Because it's the unagitated place for an nice car.

THE CAR: It will be a Dodge, check. But which one? I have a modified Dodge Charger RT '69 by HUMSTER......no, it's to much easy. I like to build my own. Maybe a Dodge Challenger?......no. But a Dodge Polara!.....YES! That's it. A Dodge Polara '71 (I like the backlights).

There are a lot of nice details to find in the picture. Have fun!

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  1. em a fan of same dodge cars

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