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Then fall, Caesar! (W. Shakespeare) Julius Caesar's assassination in perhaps one of the most known facts in the history of Rome. Despite having been largely depicted through centuries (in poetry, theatrical works, paintings, etc.), I thought it would have been great to give a kind of "modern" approach to the matter. So, starting from a painting by Karl Theodor von Piloty as a reference for the props and the ambientation, I reimagined the aftermath of the assassination with a "CSI twist". Incidentally, while researching about the subject, I found out that Caesar's autopsy report is accounted as one of the earliest post-mortem report in history.

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  1. Very interesting idea!)

  2. Thank you very much. Just wish I had the thecnical know-how to convey it exactly the way I pictured it.

  3. nice ; it’s better if you used old letters

  4. Thank you seghier. You mean using old fonts? I thought that too when I switched from arabic numerals to romans ones (for the photo evidence markers)… but I couldn’t find a font I was satisfied with… so I just stuck with the simplest font I could find :P

  5. yes i mean fonts :)
    you can try with this fonts

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