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In the shadow of the Eagle

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  • Tools: Gimp, Inkscape, Blender
About the image: - I have a background in photography and design and I wanted to start; my work following rules – complementary colors (base colors blue and gold), rule of third for composition; - I wanted to keep the scene resources (3d meshes, textures, etc.) to a reasonable and manageable level - most of the 3D objects are low-poly but I had to compensate hard with textures; - I didn’t use any specialized shader for the water, just texture work and a bit of modeling. There are 3 meshes one for the background water (just 1 plane), one detailed in the front for the normal waves and another one for water wake around the ship; - In my first attempt I’ve used a basic model for the background fort/citadel and lighthouse with heavy lens blur. I didn’t like it (unbalanced image) so I had to do some documentation work even for this part, after that 3D modeling and texturing; - I’ve used some additional lights in the scene because I didn’t want to lose details on some of my work and yes “The shadow of the Roman Eagle” on the main sail has it’s own light – it is an artistic touch :) - The final image is a composite because I wanted more control over the final look; - If the time allows me I want to render the image again in Maxwell with the hope that I won’t have to redo a lot of shaders; - In the end no polygons or textures were harmed :)

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