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Verus vs Priscus, the road to freedom

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  • Tools: Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, Photoshop
Verus and Priscus are pseudonyms for two legendary gladiators and friends, who had to face themselves as the final fight for games prepared by Titus Flavius Domitianus and his sons in 80 AD. Verus and Priscus were slaves who improved their skills as gladiators, until atract Emperor attention, who ordered them to fight for the Colosseum's opening. This final battle was one of the longest in the history, and finally the Emperor couldn't decide between both gladiators who's the winner... It was a dead heat and each one received the wooden sword, which represent their freedom ! The illustration shows Verus vs Priscus during a reconstruction of an epic battle, between a Murmillo and a Hoplite. This reconstruction took place just before their legendary fight.

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  1. Excellent work ! The composition is really dynamic, characters are well made and the environment looks so real… We almost are in the arena with both gladiators !

    I didn’t know the legend about theses men, you chose a great story to surround your project, really awesome.

  2. Thank you Niko ! :)

  3. This is fabulous, in my opinion it’s the best work of the challenge so far !
    You did it right dude ;)

  4. Great job, i love it !

  5. Awesome picture, love the gladius in the sand.
    Also the story is really cool, good luck ;)

  6. Haha thank you Brian and Caroline !

  7. The composition of the scene is well achieved!, good luck.

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