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  • Tools: 3ds max 2014, Corona render, Zbrush, Photoshop
The research by historians at the University of California reveals that most of the buildings in ancient Rome were made from brick and limestone, while only a few temples were constructed from marble. We decided to show the Ancient Roman Thermae (Baths) building at present days, being under restoration. In this case it was made out of bricks and limestone blocks. The contrast between ancient worn stone texture and contemporary scaffolding shows very well a scale of the building and it's enormous size!

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  1. I like the light in the scene!

  2. Love your work. ^^

  3. Great job!!! Fantastic!!!

  4. nice work
    if you make version without people and modern machine
    only the building with nice sky

  5. Excellent work! Textures are good and its very well composed!

  6. COOL! Very impressed!!!

  7. Awesome!

  8. Very creative project, great idea and perfect realization.

  9. Amazing! Cool work!The best in Gallery!

  10. It’s inspiring, nice job!

  11. a great idea and amazing performance

  12. Wow! Great details

  13. It’s amazing…

  14. Nice details, great work!

  15. Wonderful job, looks like a photograph. Love the depth and the numerity of details. Good luck!!

  16. masterpiece!

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