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Favor of the Gods

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  • Tools: Lightwave 3d, Substance Painter, Photoshop
Ancient temple of Minerva, goddess of wisdom, arts and techniques of war. After the defeat by Hannibal, Rome has taken a hit, the next battle is near and the general Publius Cornelius is commanding the Roman army now, many has forgotten the old ways, but Cornelius knows that not only a good commander wins the war , but also it needs the favor of the gods to raise the morale of men under his command 202 BC...
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  1. Simply a WOW image! Great composition!

  2. thank you! greetings

  3. Age of Empires? Great Job David, awesome!

  4. Groovy

  5. beautiful work
    if i am in the jury i will give you the first prize
    i like lightwave :)

  6. Very nice composition David, both in shapes, placement and color variations.
    Great work.

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