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  • Tools: 3ds Max 2017, Vray 3.60, HDR Studio 5.4, Vray VRscan

The Porsche 550 Spyder has always fascinated me. The pure form and function set the roadmap for future race cars even visible in the current Porsche 919 Le man Car and 918 Road Car. With only ever 91 original cars been made these are very rare and unaffordable to most and affordable to only a few lucky people. I am one of the few people who as accesses to an original car and have been lucky to have owned a replica. My passion and admiration for these cars can still be continued and shared with my visual work.

The 550 Spyder provides an interesting subject to model and render with is smooth blended surfaces. Only the best rendering technique can capture a visual that is worthy of the car beauty and subtilty’s. No dramatic contour changes and aggressive grill and scoops make the car a worthy subject for pushing the envelope of modern rendering software. From a technical perspective the car was created in Unigraphics using Free-Form Surface models matched with a point cloud scan. All the parts on the car have been modelled and no surface bump maps have been used to try and keep the model as pure as possible for rendering. All the details in the Glass lenses, Indicators, badges and Crest are modelled. No after affect have been done in Photoshop this is a Raw Rendered image produced directly from the rendering output window a Pure Surface rendering. Depth of field has been created with the Physical Camera setting and has been rendered inline. HDR Studio was used to create the lighting map and only one HDRI map has been used to light the complete model. The map was created in line with the HDR Studio Tools as a custom bespoke map was required for the scene. VRAY 3.60 was the final rendering engine in 3Ds Max 2017. Distribute Rendering was in use with 4 Machine utilising 48 Cores the Final image resolution was 3000x1688 and took approx. 20min.

This has been my go to models each time I want to test some new software or rendering material technique. This scene was created for the HUM 3D Car rendering challenge but was also used to test the VRAY VSCAN Material library and how these materials reacted in an outdoor setting with HDRI Lighting.

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  1. Nice render. Didn’t think using Archexteriors from Evermotion was allowed though.

  2. HI thanks for the comment fresh science from scratch all new model lighting done for this rendering . Custom background and all new placement models and car rendering

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