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The Ones Who Go Bump in the Night

  • Author:
  • Tools: Blender 3D, Substance Painter, GIMP 2.8
For this challenge I knew I had to do something I've never done before. Not one car, nor two, but three. Ok, what three? I decided on modern American muscle. The Ford GT350r, the Dodge Demon, and the Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE. Now how to present them and capture their attitude. These vehicles have very distinctive headlights so I knew I wanted that to be the focal point. I started with them in a garage. It needed more. So I dropped the camera to the ground. Still was lacking. Let's try rain. So I focused on the ground more and added puddles with ripples from rain and Bang! The scene just transformed! So I kept pushing and tweaking the wetness of the ground and building, added a rain particle system. Small addition after small addition until I ended up with what you see. A touch of compositing to get the rain to look like it is in motion and these monsters are more than ready to tear out into the night.

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